Electric driving is quietly gaining ground.

Quietly because an electric motor is quiet. Quietly as well, because this change is taking place gradually, almost imperceptibly. Nevertheless, now that e-bikes have become part of our street scene, electric cars are inescapably following suit.

E-drive Insurance supports this ecological change. On our platform anyone in Belgium who opts for an electric car will find a correct and tailor made insurance. Or did you really think that traditional car insurers, who are still completely focused on diesel and gasoline-powered cars, will offer you the best personalised coverage?

In your everyday life as well, the idea has taken hold that we have to leave the beaten tracks if we want to come up with innovative solutions. That we need to adopt new ways of thinking and behaving if we want to be able to pass on the world to the generations to come.

These 3 options come standard ánd for free with all our quotations: